CPEC: A Vision To Create A Prosperous Pakistan

Recent propaganda against CPEC shows its importance in the region and for the world as well. Question is, who is afraid of this socio-economic project, which is about to change the life of 4.4 billion people of the world which is 62% of the world population? What can we analyze from the Financial Times recent report claiming Pakistan is thinking to withdraw from the CPEC projects? First we need to understand, if China is producing 100 products, 80 products are being

Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority (GIEDA)

GIEDA (Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority) is a development project launched by the Government of Baluchistan with a 40 years tax-free incentive. This state-of-the-art project has been planned on 3000 acres and will provide industrial plots, warehouses and commercial zones. Located in Mouza Karwat, Gwadar, GIEDA is the third Government Project; whereas the first one, Sangar and second, Newtown were both residential schemes. This Free port Industrial Estate is being developed for small, medium and large enterprises to handle the