Does your washroom that looked great ten years ago look too dull or even filthy?
Has your kitchen started looking small and cramped up?
Would you like to increase your quality of life by using newer and modern fittings, surfaces and cabinetry?

MiCasa specializes in upgrading your home while interrupting your life to a minimal.

The modern family spends majority of their time in and around the kitchen. For that to happen that kitchen must be inviting and open. Make your kitchen more welcoming by adding new countertops, create more space with new wall- or under-the-counter cabinets and get better and energy-efficient appliances. MiCasa can help make your kitchen another meeting place for your family.

Similarly, whether it is upgrading your toilet and your shower, or adding a bath tub and installing new vanity, or upgrading your bathrooms completely, MiCasa can help you design your washroom, recommend manufacturers and get the construction done with minimal intrusion in your life.

Please contact us to upgrade your home.