Any construction process can be divided into four main groups or phases. Each group has its own dynamics and challenges. These groups are:-

  1. Pre Construction
  2. Grey
  3. Finishes
  4. Post Construction

In this article we will briefly touch the “Pre Construction” dynamics. Many people do not perceive the construction process as having the above mentioned distinct groups and are more focused on just the “Grey” and “Finishes” group only. The fact of the matter is that “Pre Construction” phase is the foundation stone of the entire project. It is the “PLANNING and PRE-REQUISITES” phase and its importance can not be emphasized enough.

Pre-construction phase is the most important of the four phases of construction and unfortunately the most neglected as well.

All the processes from plot hunting, plot purchase, map selection, map approvals, construction permit, finalizing contractors and vendors, bills and fees etc. are part of the pre-construction phase. Basically all your planning should be completed in this phase, down to the very last bit. A comprehensive research and working at this stage of the project will not only save you time later as the project progresses but will also save you money, avoid unnecessary reworks, labor hassles and project hiccups and delays.

The excitement of starting such a major project is the main reason that most people get carried away and try to kick start the construction phases instead of spending the time and effort that the pre construction phase demands.

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