Pre-Built Homes

MiCasa regularly invests in purchasing land in popular areas, designs medium- to high-end custom homes and builds them. These homes are placed on sale once they are completed.

The benefit of these homes are that they are ready for you to visit and inspect. If you like one of these houses, we will work with you to establish a price that is agreeable to both you and MiCasa. The home is then ready for you to move in. This process can take as little as a few days after your visit and agreement to move ahead.

If you are looking to move into a brand new house soon, this is the deal for you.

Please check out Ready for Sale┬ápage. If you don’t like anything available there yet, please revisit. New homes are completed and come to the market on a regular basis.

If you provide us with your contact, we will remind you whenever a new home is available for purchase.

Please also visit the Gallery to see some of the homes we have already sold to get design ideas. If you desire, we can design and build a custom home for you.