Managing Your Construction

Is the design of your dream home ready but you don’t know where to start? Do you already have a contractor working on your home but is giving you more problems than you care for?

MiCasa can help. We can project manage the construction of your home. You keep the complete control of funds, what to buy, who to buy from, payments etc, while our project manager advises you on scheduling, suggests vendors and subcontractors, manages them to ensure they are on track and are doing quality work.

As your project manager, MiCasa gets the work done, while you still keep the higher level view and directs the parts and peices. MiCasa will work in close coordination with you to ensure our expectations are aligned.

This is a good engagement model if you are not interested in buying a pre-built home, nor are you looking to give complete control to someone else. If you want to keep some control but remove the hassle of dealing with subcontractors and visiting the site every day, this is a good model for you.

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Please contact MiCasa and handover your hassles to us.