Investment Opportunities

MiCasa offers project investment to interested Investors. A project is partially funded by MiCasa itself and remaining funds are pooled in from interested parties as “Project Investment”. Once the project is completed the Investors are paid back their principal amount along with their earned profit. Profits are based on the percentage of invested amount in relation to the complete project cost and the time for which the amount was invested.
In a short period of almost two years MiCasa has successfully pooled up capital from interested parties, added its own project share, completed self-funded projects in impressively short durations of time ranging from 6-8 months and subsequently paid back handsome profits to its investors. During the process, investors are kept up-to-date about the progress of projects through regular e-newsletters and a pictorial brief. MiCasa also communicates with the investors on a regular basis to share future growth
plans and upcoming projects for further investment.
Earning handsome, clean and low-risk profits was never this easy. For more details, get in touch with us.