How Do We Do It

MiCasa has three great tools at your disposal that help us serve you professionally.

– Our attitude and experience
– Technology
– Our supply chain

All our project managers and owner are highly educated, professional individuals. They understand the needs of a sophisticated customer who is about to spend considerable amount of money probably on their most expensive purchase. We therefore set up with a Service mindset. We don’t want to just sell you a house and then disappear. We hope to serve you year after year. That long term relationship is possible only if you trust us before you move into your home, and you keep liking us after you move in and start enjoying your new house.

Our motto is “Service with Honesty. Delivered with Quality”. This objective is in MiCasa’s DNA. And you will see that in each and every interaction we have with you.

We also make use of technology. We use the latest technology to keep good control on our projects. Whether we are controlling the execution of the project, or the cost or supply chain, or are managing the project financials, we use the top of the line tools, giving us visibility into details of the project. Of course, this then allows us to identify risks and problems before they become troublesome.

Finally, our subcontractors and vendors have now been working with us for multiple years. We ensure a good relationship with them so they like to keep working with us project after project. This means we know how they work and they know what we expect from them. It becomes easy for us to work together and the project moves smoothly.

It is good to know the details of how we work. However, you don’t have to. You just get your home delivered!