CPEC: A Vision To Create A Prosperous Pakistan

Recent propaganda against CPEC shows its importance in the region and for the world as well. Question is, who is afraid of this socio-economic project, which is about to change the life of 4.4 billion people of the world which is 62% of the world population? What can we analyze from the Financial Times recent report claiming Pakistan is thinking to withdraw from the CPEC projects?

  1. First we need to understand, if China is producing 100 products, 80 products are being sold to America. We can also say that America is the biggest buyer of the Chinese products in the whole world and Chinese economy depends upon their buying trends. We also know that America is under severe debt because of wars and its China whose money America has to pay in trillions of dollars. In past few decades China emerged as an economic power of the world by selling its products in the whole world.
  2. Gwadar was not a part of Pakistan till September 1958, Pakistan bought it from Oman and paid 3 million Dollars. Gwadar has an ideal strategic location, as all the oil shipments cross from the face of Gwadar hammer head port also called as Strait of Hormuz. Gwadar port is natural deep sea port and China is planning to change this port into a multi billion project and expected to do import exports of 3 trillion dollars by 2022. Makran Coast Line is one of the biggest coast lines of the world, by acquiring the total area of 620 KM from Karachi to Gwadar.
  3. This strategic location of Gwadar city in the region, makes it is easy to transport goods from one sub-continent to another by saving time, cost & distance and making products more affordable and reachable. And china has planned to re-discover the biggest continent of the world, Africa and wants to change it in its biggest consumer market in near future.
  4. Total 6 projects combined as one become OBOR. The most important out of it is CPEC. If China failed to develop Gwadar port into the multibillion dollar trade project than OBOR will not get all of its perks and benefits and it will be a great loss for China.
  5. Strait OF Malacca, South China Sea are two names for the same transit route, which caters 100% import export of the Chinese products and it is owned by America. If any war erupts in this area between any two countries the trade route of Malacca will be affected or closed and China will collapse if it doesn’t get a way out of this war.
  6. Recently President Trump has imposed duties on the Chinese products and European cars. They are all set to increase the tax on the exported products from all over the world and China will be the most affected country out of it. This is the reason China is developing another 21st century silk route to deliver its products all over the world and beyond.
  7. Another significant change which can be easily monitored; almost all new manufacturing units of auto makers are opening their units across Pakistan which includes renowned brands like, Nissan, Renault, Hyundai, FAW, JAC, Porton electric cars etc. This shows the interest and their reliability on the Xi’s vision of Belt&Road Initiative.
  8. 62 counties already have become the part of this mega project but why all the construction work is being done on the CPEC only rather than any other country? This question has the simplest answer; OBOR project will not be successful and enjoy all kinds of perks and benefits if the Gwadar port will not be operational. Regional connectivity is the most crucial phase of the CPEC project and first phase of it kicks off in 2015 in Pakistan by creating a new road and rail network connecting  Gwadar port to the China’s Kashgar Province. China also has started the energy projects to fulfill the needs of the country and demand of power sector in coming years due to CPEC. As most the industry of China is shifting here in Pakistan, also a lot of new opportunities are being created for the new entrants in the market.
  9. Already more than 30,000+ jobs have been created under the CPEC projects and a lot more are in the line in different sectors. A number new manufacturing units are about the be opened in all over Pakistan by covering the diversified land scape.
  10. Global political situation and changing power dynamics are on the biggest reason for China to ensure its survival in this messy time by creating new silk route to en-route its projects where ever it want to. From last 10 years China’s GDP was 7 percent but now till from last few years china’s economy is slowing down and these new global tax implementations and circumstances is threatening the growth rate and existence of China.
  11. In last 5 years KP province of Pakistan has witnessed a huge number of tourists visited its northern areas by creating 19.4 billion dollar revenue for the country which is the highest till now and number of jobs has been created for the locals in the tourism industry.  China has planned to sent 300 million tourists to Pakistan by the end of 2030 under CPEC project which will to create a positive image of Pakistan in foreign markets to attract foreign investments by spreading the message of Peace & Love.
  12. 5 Reasons Why Gwadar Is The Future Of A Stronger Pakistan:

It’s bringing new Jobs & Business for Pakistanis

It’s providing a big boost to the Real Estate Sector

Its strategic location will benefit all those involved

Its stimulating tourisms in Pakistan

It’s increasing the total Trade Output of Pakistan

  1. Pakistan is the worlds best kept secret with a nation of 5 uniquely distinct provinces. It’s a cultural paradise with a ray of historical and spiritual sites. Pakistan has large open green field spaces with 6th largest population in the world and its economy will be the 20th largest in the world by 2030. GDP growth was observed to 5 straight years in a row. 100 million people below the age of 30, aspiring to change their life. Rise of Pakistan is just a matter of time. Pakistan is a land of great opportunities.
  2. Recently, Japanese Prime Minister’s visit to China makes trade war b/w China & America more lethal and damaging for the rest of the world as both countries agree to do trade in their own currencies by October 2021 rather than dollar.  This will affect a large part of the world and that can be observed in the span of 1 to 2 years.


Gwadar is the Heart of The CPEC & One Belt, One Road Initiative. Now is the time to invest. CPEC is an initiative of Peace & Development not only for China but for Region and Beyond. CPEC is Economic Future of Pakistan and its security will never be compromised. The CPEC will physically connect China to its Markets in Asia, Europe & Beyond. CPEC is a gateway to a stronger and a connected tomorrow.  This is your opportunity to be on the right side of history. Don’t be a Bystander again. CPEC is a vision to create a prosperous Pakistan to make gwadar the economic hub of a global Pakistan. Every project is on time and no other project is behind schedule. CPEC is developing with full pace. Gwadar’s future is bright. Stay still and enjoy the flight of prosperity. Long live Pakistan. Thank You.



Faraz Akbar


CPEC Realtor

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