Commercial Building Project

Prior to starting your commercial construction project with MiCasa Developers and Interiors or any other design builder, there are several key elements that you must consider. The items below should be reviewed and discussed in detail during the initial phase of the project.

1) Determine a Realistic Project Budget

Prior to beginning any project, every building owner needs to determine a realistic project budget. Determining this budget will enable the owner to evaluate project feasibility and secure financing; it can also serve as a tool to choose from among alternative construction designs or site locations. Once the budget is determined, the owner sets the required date as to when the project needs to be completed. The factors are all used to ensure that the project will not incur excessive cost overruns.

2) Design Plan

When an owner begins planning a building project, he/she will likely have a very specific vision of what the final product will look like. Prior to beginning the project, it is important that the owner feels confident that the project’s design team will fulfill his/her needs as well as the needs of any other parties who may be utilizing the facility. Therefore, both the design and the functionality requirements should be covered thoroughly when discussing the design-build plan.

3) Construction Schedule

The scheduling of the building project is another very important component to this process. This is especially true if the owner has a “drop dead” due date as to when the project must be completed. A business owner may have critical functional needs of the facility, whether that need is for the specific purpose of providing the needed space to someone or a situation where revenue generation from the facility is of urgent concern. Therefore, it is imperative to set a realistic time frame for project completion.

4) Project Risks

Regardless of the project’s complexity, all construction projects involve a level of risk. Being prepared and communicative throughout the process can greatly reduce risk. The commercial contractor should be sure that the business owner has an clear understanding of all potential risk areas as well as the parties responsible for managing each of those risks.

Two-Way Communication Is Key

By engaging in early discussions on the items above, project complications can be minimized or avoided all together. Starting the project with open communication and a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities will benefit all parties involved and result in the desired product.

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