Buyer Living in Pakistan (outside Lahore)

Buyer Living in Pakistan (outside Lahore)

If you are considering moving to Lahore, you have come to the right place. They say “Lahore Lahore aye” for a reason; no place like Lahore.

As you decide where to settle down within Lahore, consider the following:

Choose an Area that Gives you the Flavor of Lahore
Pick an area of the city where you can see the hustle and bustle of the big city, where services are available easily. You are moving to a big city. Choose a place where schools, hospitals, mosques and other faciliities are nearby.

Don’t Rent, Buy A House of Your Own
There is no better security than a home you can call your own. No hassle of moving every now and then, no dealing with the landlord, no uncertainty about where you’ll be able to find your next rental home, how far will it be from your office,from kids school?

You Can Get It Financed
If you can afford it, your house brings stability to your life. With bank financing available now, affording a house is not as difficult as it used to be. You can purchase a house with a smaller downpayment, and for approximately the same amount as your rent, you can own your own house – make it your home. Check with your bank about their financing options.

Careful! It is One of Your Biggest Purchases – By Far
But buying a house is a big decision. It is going to be one of the biggest purchases you make in your lifetime. You would like to make sure you are buying a house that is an asset for you, not a liability; a house where things don’t break down every now and then and where you are comfortable living every day.

Buy a New House, Not an Old One
A good start is to buy a new house, not an older one. An older house may seem a little cheaper upfront, but very quickly the little repair costs start to add up. Just the hassle of having to fix things that break down every now and then takes away the peace of mind you should get from your house. Finding good handymen is difficult, they don’t do the job to your satisfaction, you should not be inviting strangers in your house anyway if you can help it!

Buying a new house is a easy choice. It is yours, and only yours! Choose one you like, make it your home!

Do Your Research Before You Buy

You may not now many people in Lahore. This makes is doubly important that you do your research well. Here are a few tips to help you decide:

1. Choose an Area of Town that Suits you
Choose an area that is as crime free as possible, close to you work, has good schools close by where maybe your spouse can drop them off, has a few parks for kids to play, not very congested… etc. You should come up with a criteria of your own and select an area that fits your requirements and your budget.

2. Select the Size of Your New House
Consider your budget, your family size, your short and medium-term plans for your family size, how often will relatives come to visit you and stay with you for extended periods of time.

3. Buy from a Company, Not an Individual
Individual can disappear after they make their sale. You cannot tell if the house they are selling was their last sale. Worse, their first and last sale!

Buy from a Company whose business is to make and sell homes. Companies are made to exist for long. They want to be as visible as possible, and don’t disappear after they sell to you. You can hold someone accountable if needed.

4. Choose a Reputable Business
Not all businesses are they same. Good business need to make, protect and grow a reputation in the market. A good company will go to lenghts to make you into a good customer who will tell their family and friends how great of an experience you had with them.

5. Check Their References, Check Their Ongoing Projects
Ask the company of your choice for references. Talk to existing home owners who have bought from them previuosly. Are they happy?

Ask the company if they have other projects going on, to ensure they have experience and they plan to keep doing it, and that they will be around in future. Visit their other projects. You may choose an house that is read to be sold, ongoing projects will tell you how they work, what is behind the paint, inside the foundation, you will be able to see the quality where it is not visible in a completed home.

6. Notice How a You are Treated During the Process
Are they sellers respectful? Do they try to understand your needs? Are they in a hurry to sell and move on to the next project? Do they sell only an agent to work with you?

If a company cannot treat your respectfully during the search and sales process, they are not going to give you much attention after the sale is complete. Watch for that telltale sign. Work only with people who are well educated, know you are making a big decision and understand and help you in the process.

You have already made a big choice to move to Lahore. Make your next choice easier. Work with MiCasa for your new home. We will help you settle into your new house and make Lahore your new home.

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